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                                     Manjit Kaur Waraich

Discipline is essential for the progress of an individual. Without discipline man is nothing more than an animal. Her motto is to make the students like earthen lamps which kindle other lamps yet they don't extinguish. She is gem of a person and an excellent sports-person. According to her "Healthy mind resides in a healthy body". So she lays stress on physical activities in the school. She never demoralizes the students and believes that motivation in students can do wonders so teachers should impart positive vibrations to the students to do better and cope up with the current scenario with determination. Her presence in school is felt by the students and teachers because she is energetic, vibrant and enthusiastic. She has many degrees to her credit yet she is an affable person and considers herself a learner. She is an M.A. in English, Education, Public Administration, Punjabi, B.Ed. and M.Phil. She considers that a school is training ground for her students where they are equipped with all the weapons like will power, perseverance, dedication, punctuality, positive attitude etc. to fight with the oddities of life. She started her career as a teacher is HPS Karnal and she had great times as a co-ordinator in S.D. Vidya Mandir, Panipat. She is an epitome of patience & hard work. She is a workaholic and 180 degree shift in life style. She juggles all the workload with great ease. She is an eminent administrator and docile by nature who has made sea changes in the school criteria to create conducive and student friendly ambience. During her short tenure at NPS, she has scripted rhapsody of achievements. It is imminent that NPS may put up a miraculous show under the directorial baton in the forthcoming years.
where we are?
Narain Public School affiliated to C.B.S.E. is situated at Sanour Road, Patiala in a lush green area free from pollution. It came into existence in 2000. The school has completed thirteen dazzling years. It has many success stories to its credit.

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